How It Works

We at Indogenmed divided the export procedure for a better understanding of how our team processes the export order from the stage of the Proforma invoice to delivery and for transparency.

The Process

Step 1

Performa Invoice & Payment

Step 2

ADC & Customs Clearance

Step 3

Packaging, Dispatch & Tracking Details


According to the product quantity and requirement our company issues the Performa invoice, which includes below-mentioned details:

  1. Packing details including quantity
  2. Product information including generic name (molecule name)
  3. Consignee name, phone number, and address
  4. Expiry Details & Batch Number
  5. Bank details for the payment procedure (In some countries, presenting Proforma invoice to the bank for making any foreign payment is mandatory)

Afterward, Performa Invoice is sent for verification and once every detail gets verified and approved, the payment procedure is initiated.


We need the NOC from Assistant Drug Controller (ADC) when any OTC products, cosmetics, or medicines are commercially exported out of the country. ADC is an Indian Government appointed body to avoid the export of any counterfeit medicine. They also control the quantity and quality of the medicine that is exported out of the country, thereby below-mentioned documents are required to present for the ADC Clearance:

  1. Drug License
  2. IEC (Importer Exporter Certificate )
  3. Sample of the product that needs to be exported.
  4. Commercial invoice
  5. Packaging List
  6. Purchase Invoice

The preparation of these documents takes place in 2 sets, each for Custom and ADC, it generally takes 4-5 hours to prepare all the documentation. Hence it is suggested to the client for checking and confirming Performa Invoice as per the same. Once the Assistant Drug Controller’s NOC is provided, custom clearance gets issued. The whole procedure including Custom Clearance and ADC takes an entire working day.


As soon as Indogenmed receives documentation for Custom Clearance and ADC, the packaging is initiated which consists of a 3-layer that is strong enough for covering accidental fall and waterproof. Similarly, as soon as your shipment is finished, tracking details are offered and you can trace the tracking number online as well. In the case of FedEx and DHL, tracking details are accessible instantly after the booking.