Ways in which PrEP works to prevent HIV!

Posted By: Admin Published: 04, Apr 2023

Ways in which PrEP works to prevent HIV!

PrEP suggested to opt for anti-HIV medicine so as to reduce the risk of infection. One should know that the medicine can easily help in adding safety to the individual from HIV or various other infections that might easily affect the body.

PrEP Pre-exposure prophylaxis is a medication that helps in preventing the infection from getting transmitted into the body after having sexual intercourse. One should be well aware about the fact that Ricovir –em is such a drug that it can help in preventing HIV from spreading to the other individuals. So, make a note that it these drugs are taken on daily basis, then it can help in spreading to other individuals. 

What is HIV?

HIV is a human immunodeficiency virus that affects the White Blood Cells of the human body and attacks the immune system of the body. 

Who should take PrEP/ ricovir em & how to take?

Have not consistently used a condom

Have been diagnosed with an STD in the past 6 months

Studies reveal that on taking the PrEP medicine consistently, it can reduce the chances of getting HIV by 99%. For people who inject drugs, it can reduce the effect of 75%. It does not protect from any other Sexually transmitted disease (STDs) except HIV.

If the thought come’s ricovir em how to take then here are somethings that should be kept in mind-

Before taking any medicine, it is advisable to undergo the test of HIV. Once the reports are available, one should consult his doctor who knows the entire medication history of yours. Only after the doctor’s approval, you should start the PrEP medicine.

The medicine is usually taken one pill a day and after completing your meals. Once you have started taking the medicine, don’t stop the consumption without consulting your doctor. 

In case you missed one dose, try to take it at some other time in the day. Don’t take two doses in one day. It can have harmful repercussions.

Any Side effects?

The PrEP does have some side effects like

  • Upset stomach 
  • Headache 
  • Vomiting 
  • Loss of appetite

Please do ensure if you are taking this medicine, don’t take any other medicine without consulting your doctor for any disease. They might have some harmful reactions which could be fatal. Always consult the doctor before taking any medicine.

PrEP is available online for purchasing so make sure to buy prep online. In very rare cases it affects the kidneys. It is usually advised to keep a calendar handy and do mark the days when you have missed your dose. If the missing is too frequent you need to consult your doctor, otherwise once in a week is not that thing which needs to be worried upon.

How to buy medicine?

Buy prep online as these drugs are for benefit of mankind. So, it is advised to take it with precaution and along with the consultation of your physician or doctor.