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Duraplus Tablets 4'S

Duraplus Tablets 4'S

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Duraplus Tablets 4'S is the medicine available in the quantity of four tablets. It is considered a combination of two medicines, which you can use for the treatment of premature ejaculation among adult men. The medicine or tablet primarily increases the blood flow to the male sexual organ, which helps them get an erection. We have this medicine available for you anytime and anywhere at Indogenmed, but you can only use it if you have a proper prescription from the doctor. The tablet can also help you treat erectile dysfunction and fix all the sexual issues that you are having in bed. Duraplus 4’S is available at a very affordable price for you, so you can place your order now from us. 

Introduction To Duraplus Tablets 4'S Tablets

Dura Plus is a type of tablet or medicine that is a combination of two drugs, Tadalafil and Dapoxetine. The four tablets that are available per packet help to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation issues in men. It works by helping you relax the blood vessels of the male sexual organ and allowing proper blood flow to the penis. You need to take proper advice from your doctor before you consume the medicine because there are certain side effects associated with this erectile dysfunction medicine. People with kidney, heart, or liver disease should not consume the medicine. 

How Does Duraplus Tablets 4'SWorks 

Duraplus Generic Tablet has very comfortable functioning, and it is very easy for you to understand the consumption details regarding the medicine. The tablet is used to relax all the blood vessels that are present in the male sexual organ. With the relaxation of these blood vessels, more blood flow occurs to the organ. During sexual excitement, if there is proper blood flow to the penis, then it becomes perfect for the man to maintain an erection without premature ejaculation issues. The consumption of the Duraplus tablet can be done with or without food, as per the recommendations provided by your doctor. You have to generally take the tablet 30 minutes to 2 hours before your sexual activity. We have seen on our website that it is one of the top-selling erectile dysfunction medicines. It has the fewest side effects, and it is the most effective choice for men having premature ejaculation. We are there for you because we understand that this is a very common problem among men, especially after the age of 30, so you do not need to worry and place your medicine order now at Indogenmed.

Duraplus Tablets 4'S- Uses

The most common question that most of our customers ask on our website is: What is Duraplus usage? Here we will provide you with all the details about the uses of the medicine and how it becomes one of the top choices for you to treat your sexual issues. 


The details of the Duraplus benefits or uses are:

  • Treats for Premature Ejaculation: The tablet is used primarily for the treatment of the issue of premature ejaculation in men. It is the situation when the men ejaculate very fast during sexual activity. They cannot maintain their stability and complete the act very quickly, which is not good for the relationship. 

  • Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: Many patients cannot maintain an erection for a very long time. It causes them to face a lot of problems in their sexual lives. Due to the low blood flow to the sexual organs, they cannot maintain their erection. So the tablet helps them increase the blood flow in the penis. They can easily maintain an erection for a long time. 

Duraplus Tablets 4'S- Dosage

Your Duraplus dosage will be completely provided by your doctor, so you need to follow the details of the dosage properly. You will have to follow the prescription of your doctor. You have to consume the medicine nearly 30 minutes to 2 hours before your sexual activity. You should not consume the tablet more than once a day. The effect of the tablet will last more than 24 hours in your body, so you do not need to consume the tablet very often. You should also avoid taking a dosage of the tablet every day; you can take it once every two days. Check the prescription from your doctor properly, and then make any choice of dosage. If you have missed or taken an extra dura dose, then you must immediately contact your doctor because you might need some other treatment to avoid any excess side effects. 

Duraplus Tablets 4'S - Side Effects and Precautions

Some types of side effects are very common if you are taking medicine from Duraplus Brand. The erectile dysfunction tablets generally have some side effects related to them, so the details of these for the Duraplus are:

  • Nausea 

  • Indigestion 

  • Vomiting 

  • Headache 

  • Dizziness 

  • A sense of warmth in the ears, face, and neck is known as flushing. 

  • Dryness in the mouth 

  • Nosebleeds



  • Patients with liver, heart, or kidney diseases should completely avoid taking the tablet.

  • You must not consume alcohol while taking the Duraplus 4’s.

  • You should also not drive after taking the tablet because it might lead to major accidents. 

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Duraplus Tablets 4'S
Duraplus Tablets 4'S