Imat Imatinib 400mg Tablets

Imat Imatinib 400mg Tablets

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Imat 400mg tablet are manufactured by Zydus Oncoscience in India and contain 400 mg of Imatinib per tablet. Each Blister pack includes 10 tablets per pack, making Imat 400mg tablet an effective option for Blood Cancer. Prescription Required from your healthcare provider to purchase Imatinib medicine. Indogenmed deals in all type of generic Imatinib medicine.

Imat 400mg Tablets is used in the treatment of blood cancer. It works by decreasing the number of red blood cells, which is produced by the body. Thereby prevents the cancer cells from growing and multiplying. Imat 400mg Tablets interfere with the growth of cancer cells and can reduce immune system activity.

When taking Imat 400mg Tablets, avoid grapefruit and Seville oranges because they can interfere with how the medication works. Limit high-fiber foods, like raw meats, eggs, and seafood, to reduce digestive risks and infections, which can be more challenging with Imat 400mg Tablets. Use alcohol sparingly or avoid it completely to prevent interactions that might affect treatment.

After taking Imat 400mg Tablets generally, some patients may begin to see initial effects within a few weeks of starting treatment, such as a reduction in symptoms or stabilization of blood counts. It can take between 6 - 12 weeks before you start to feel the benefits of your treatment. However, to fully assess its effectiveness in controlling cancer growth and achieving remission, it typically requires several months of continuous treatment. 6-MP Mercaptopurine does not work immediately.

Nausea and vomiting Loss of appetite Diarrhea Mouth sores Fatigue

Always talk to your doctor before taking Imatinib 400mg with other medications. This is important because Imatinib 400mg can interact with other drugs, which might change how it works or increase the risk of side effects. Your doctor can help you safely manage all your medications together.

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