Medicine import guidelines for the United States for personal use

Published: 04, Apr 2023

Medicine import guidelines for the United States for personal use

Importing medicine for personal use into the United States is a viable option for individuals pursuing medications that may not be readily available locally. Under the Personal Importation Policy (PIP), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lets foreigners bring in 90 days’ worth of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

In this guide, we’ll show you the steps and things you need to think about for a smooth importation process.

Learn about the Personal Importation Policy of the FDA:

It’s important to read the FDA’s Personal Importation Policy before starting the importation process. This policy spells out the rules and requirements for bringing medicine into the country for your own use. Visit the FDA’s official website to find out more about the policy and get updates.

Get a Valid Prescription

To import prescription drugs, you need to get a valid prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. The prescription should be written in English and include information like the name of the drug, Make sure your medicine meets the standards set by the FDA.

Declare the Medicine

When the medicine gets to the U.S., you must let Customs know about it. Show Customs your legal medicine and any other information they may ask for. Ensure that that the clearing process goes easily by following their rules and procedures.

The FDA sets guidelines for importing drugs or medical devices for personal use. The following details the circumstances under which this could be acceptable: product (over-the-counter, OTC) is not intended for the treatment of a severe ailment and has no known substantial health risk; or The product (prescription drug products) is for the treatment of a severe condition: The product is for a critical ailment for which there could not be any domestically accessible commercially viable or clinical options for appropriate therapy. The product is not known to be advertised or sold to anyone living in the United States.

The product doesn’t carry a disproportionate danger. The buyer certifies in writing that the item is intended only for personal use. The quantity is typically no more than a three-month supply, and you must either: Provide the name and address of the U.S.-licensed physician who will be treating you with the medicine, or Provide proof that the product is being used to continue a foreign-country-started therapy.


You are permitted to import medications for personal use under the FDA’s Personal Importation Policy. You will not face any trouble importing medicine into the nation if you follow the instructions in this guide, which include understanding the policy, Make sure you are familiar with the laws and regulations to ensure that shipping is both simple and legal.FDA’s Personal Importation Policy:

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