Medicine Import Guidelines Of Netherland For Personal Use

Published: 14, Jun 2024

Medicine Import Guidelines Of Netherland For Personal Use

In today’s digital era, importing medicines online has become much easier. Importing medicines in the Netherlands must strictly comply with applicable laws. The import of unlicensed medicines is prohibited, so it is important to obtain a prescription from a Doctor. Understanding and complying with these regulations will allow people to import medicines to the Netherlands safely and legally, ensuring their medical needs are met without security or legal issues.

Prescription Requirement

You need a valid prescription from a licensed medical practitioner to legally import medicines in the Netherlands. The prescription should include patient information, medicine details, prescriber information.

This prescription ensures that the medicine is intended for personal use and not for resale or other purposes. The prescription requirement ensures compliance with Dutch regulatory standards and helps safeguard public health by preventing the misuse of medications.

Quantity Limitation

You are generally permitted to import up to a three-month supply of medicine for personal use. This limit helps prevent the illegal distribution of medicines. For medicines containing controlled substances, stricter quantity limits may apply. Always check the specific import rules for these medicines.

Restrictions on Specific Medicines

Before importing medicine in the Netherlands, check the latest regulations on to ensure that the medicines you intend to import are not prohibited or subject to special restrictions, to ensure compliance and,  avoid any legal issues.  


Before importing medicine for your personal use consult with your doctor or pharmacist to confirm that the medicine is appropriate for your condition and legal to import. For detailed and specific information check the following resources:-

For know the import regulations

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