Mabtas Rituximab 100mg Injection

Mabtas Rituximab 100mg Injection

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Mabtas 100 MG injection is a drug that is used for the treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHP). This will also treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia (blood cancer), rheumatoid arthritis, microscopic polyangiitis, and granulomatosis. It is a type of injection that you must take under the supervision of your doctor and not make any changes to the doses. The doctor will decide how often you need to take the injection in a week to reduce the type of disease that has occurred to you. The 100-mg medicine is primarily used for the diagnosis of inflammation of the blood vessels that can cause cancer. Allergic reactions and acute renal failure are two of the primary side effects of taking the injection. 

Introduction To Mabtas 100 MG Injection

Mabtas injection is a type of injection that helps you treat some top diseases, like leukemia and cancer, that occur in the blood. Diseases like granulomatosis and microscopic polyangiitis will be cured after consumption of the medicine. It reduces the immune response of the body. This overall helps reduce pain and inflammation. The drug will also kill the cancer cells in the body and help prevent any further growth of these cells. If you are prescribed to take the injection, then you must avoid being in a crowd and should regularly wash your hands to prevent any infection. Generally, the doctors would recommend that you consume a lot of fluids while taking the Mabtas 100 MG drug, but if your doctor has made other recommendations, you must follow them for your safety. Anemia or bacterial infections might occur if you do not follow the proper norms that are stated by the doctor.

How Does Mabtas 100 MG Injection Works 

The Mabtas drug is in the form of an injection that is a monoclonal antibody. It usually works by targeting some unwanted activity at the immune cells. These are cells present in rheumatoid arthritis and some different types of cancer. The injection and the drug are highly recommended by doctors for treating blood cancers. These are leukemia and lymphoma (lymph cancer). The drug treats the various auto-immune disease conditions in your body and will reduce any severe skin blistering that occurs in your throat, nose, mouth, genitals, or eyes. The drug is directly combined with cytotoxic anti-cancer agents to provide the most accurate results. The injection is suitable for both adults and children who are older than 6 months. You cannot take the injection by yourself or at home, and it is required to be given by a trained professional or a person who understands the vein position and gives the injection accurately. Any issues during the process of injection giving can be very dangerous and will cause chronic angina and severe health issues. So you must follow the prescription while taking the Mabtas 100 MG injection.

Mabtas 100 MG Injection - Uses

The Mabtas uses are very simple and easy for you to understand, as it is mainly used for treating different types of cancers like chronic leukemia (blood cancer) and lymphoma (lymphoma). Treating these cancer diseases and killing the cancer cells in the body is one of the main uses of the drug. The drug will also prevent any future production of cancer cells in your body. It will completely work as a cure for your disease. It reduces the multiplication of these cancer cells in your body. It will cure diseases like non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Rheumatoid arthritis is another disease that can be easily treated if you are taking the Mabtas 100 MG injection. Granulomatosis and microscopic polyangiitis are other types of diseases that can be easily cured after taking the drug or the injection. The injection will be the best choice for you to reduce all these life-threatening diseases.

Mabtas 100 MG Injection - Dosage

One of the major questions that most patients have is: What is Mabtas Dosage? The dosage of the medicine will completely depend upon the type of disease for which you are taking the injection. The doctor will provide you with proper details regarding the dosage of your medicine. Generally, the dosage of the medicine will not be more than once a day, and a few patients also do not need to take the injection more than 3 to 4 times a week. The doctors will decide the dosage according to your treatment improvement. Furthermore, the injection cannot be administered by anyone other than a trained doctor or nurse, so you must not self-administer the injection. Take the Mabtas injection from a professional to avoid any side effects or harmful circumstances. If you miss any dose of your injection, then you must immediately contact your doctor for proper assistance in this matter. 

Other Dosage of Mabtas 100 MG Injection

    Mabtas 100 MG Injection - Side Effects and Precautions
    Mabtas 100 MG injection has certain side effects that make it a difficult choice for doctors. One of the most common side effects that most of the patients taking this injection have stated is extreme headaches and weakness in the body. Viral infection and chills are also two of the common side effects that you will see in your body. A decrease in white blood cells (neutrophils) is seen. Extreme abdominal pain and back pain are caused. Lymphpenia is another type of disease that may occur, so you must take proper precautions in this matter. 

    • You cannot consume alcohol if you are prescribed this injection.
    • Pregnant women should not take the injection, as it will hurt the baby.
    • It will be safe if you take the medicine while you are breastfeeding your child, but avoid it if you can.
    • If you have previous kidney or liver diseases, then you should also avoid consuming the medicine, as it will have negative impacts and lead to more severe diseases as well. 

    Mabtas 100 MG Injection vs. Other Medicines 

    Differentiating Mabtas 100 MG injection with Rituximab 100 MG injection

    Mabtas 100 MG injection
    Rituximab 100 Mg Injection
    Creates Monoclonal Antibody and kills the cancer cells, preventing any further growth of cancer cells.Only Kills the cancer cells and prevents further growth
    SafetyMuch safe in comparison with the other with simple side-effectsSlightly harmful in comparison with Mabtas with few dangerous side& effects
    Type of MedicineAnti-cancer MedicineCombined Anti-cancer Agent
    EffectLong-term effect that's perfect
    Slightly lesser effect in comparison with the other

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