Oxitan Oxaliplatin 50mg Injection

Oxitan Oxaliplatin 50mg Injection

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People with colon and rectum cancer are given Oxitan 50 MG Injection to help them get better. You and your doctor will agree on the right amount to take and how often. This could change from time to time and will depend on what you are being treated for. Just do what your doctor tells you and take it. It can have very bad side effects if you take it the wrong way or too much. Some people feel better after a few weeks or months of taking it. Please don't stop taking it unless your doctor tells you to. So keep reading to get to know about what is Oxitan. 

Introduction To Oxitan 50 MG Injection

Commercially prescribed Oxitan is an injection. Major therapeutic applications include colorectal cancer. Below are Oxitan's off-label and secondary applications. The right Oxitan dose varies on age, gender, and medical history. The proper dose depends on the condition and mode of delivery. Dosage details are supplied. Oxitan has numerous negative effects, outlined below. Oxitan side effects generally diminish after therapy. Immediately see a doctor if these persist. Oxitan also has a severe pregnancy and lactation impact. Oxitan's liver, heart, and renal problems are also included in the warnings.If you have certain medical issues, Oxitan may be harmful. Such disorders include arrhythmia. Other Oxitan contraindications are listed.Medical literature reports Oxitan drug interactions. Oxitan Injection treats polyps and bowel cancer and also lowers the chance of getting more of them.  

How Does Oxitan 50 MG Injection Works 

It is believed that Oxitan Injection changes things inside the body and works with DNA. It changes some parts of DNA, which causes DNA production to go wrong and has anti-cancer effects. It could cause a dangerous allergic response. Tell your doctor if you get sore lips or mouth ulcers, a rash, itching, or trouble breathing. Every so often, you need to get blood tests to check the amounts of uric acid in your blood, heart, and liver.

Oxitan 50 MG Injection - Uses

People with colon and rectum cancer are given Oxitan 50 MG to help them get better. Its ability to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells shows that it works. Oxitan Uses to stop the spread of colon cancer in people who have already had surgery to remove a tumour. Oxaliplatin is the only thing that works better. Suppose people follow their doctor's instructions to the letter. If the patient has any problems after starting treatment instead of on normal days, please let your doctor know.

Oxitan 50 MG Injection - Dosage

You need to get blood tests periodically to check the amounts of uric acid in your blood, heart, and liver. The normal dose for people is 85 mg/m², given directly over two hours. This is usually done once every two weeks with other chemo drugs like fluorouracil and leucovorin. Depending on how well the patient responds and can handle the therapy, the treatment pattern may be changed. 

After taking Oxitan Drug if you have serious side effects like neuropathy, blood poisoning, or allergic responses, you may need to change your dose or stop taking the medicine. To successfully deal with side effects, patients are told to drink plenty of water and immediately tell their doctor of any odd symptoms.

Other Dosage of Oxitan 50 MG Injection

Oxitan 50 MG Injection - Side Effects and Precautions

  • Cough Fever
  • Low WBC Level
  • Mouth Sores
  • Not Being Hungry
  • Rash on the skin
  • Sneezing
  • Pain and discomfort in the stomach
  • Running Nose Changes in Taste Loss of Hair

The information here comes from how much salt is in the medicine. The medicine may be used and have different results on different people. Before taking this medicine, you should talk to an oncologist. 

If a nursing woman takes Oxitan Drug, she may have dangerous side effects. It would help if you talked to your doctor before using it. What might happen to the liver after taking Oxitan is not known.

Oxitan 50 MG Injection vs. Other Medicines 

Comparing Oxaliplatin with Erlocip:

Oxaliplatin 50
Erlocip (Erlotinib 150 mg Tablets)
Brand Status
Brand and Generic
Brand and Generic
Generic Name
Standard Dosage
Intravenous infusion: dosage varies based on treatment regimen and patient condition
One tablet daily, preferably on an empty stomach
Generally considered safe under medical supervision, it may cause side effects like neuropathy, nausea, etc.
Generally considered safe under medical supervision, it may cause side effects like rash, diarrhoea, etc.
USD 145.00 (approximate cost per 50 mg vial)USD 75.00 (approximate cost per 150 mg tablet)

Both drugs are very important for treating different kinds of cancer, but they do their jobs in different ways and are used for different reasons. Their ways of being administered and side effects are also very different. For more details check out Indogenmed.

FAQ's of Oxitan 50 MG Injection

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